Our Story

Our Story
Mad Lab Coffee was started in the winter of 2015 in a basement in Downtown Los Angeles. Created by Andrew (myself) & my wife Sarah Sinclair with a focus on quality and the neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles. 
Mad Lab has become one of the most recognizable roasters in Los Angeles and the International coffee community. With a focus on quality, seasonal, and relational driven coffees. While, buying responsibly from our farmers so they can grow more amazing coffees at a liveable price.
There are two main mantras that Mad Lab Coffee lives, breathes, and dies by. The first is to love people a whole lot more, instead of a whole lot less. The other is to push everyone that encounters our coffee, to be the person they needed when they were younger. These mantras are not just words to the team here at Mad Lab, but they are a compass for how we present ourselves and practice business with our everyday customers and our partners that become our friends and family. From crop to cup we want every step to be filled with a familiarity of outstanding character and integrity. Character is who you are in public, and integrity is who you are in private, and it is vital to the team at Mad Lab to be the same people in private that we are in public. 
Our company was invited to compete and showcased at Roasters Masters 2019 in New York City where we received the top scores for flavor and taste for our coffee. Our focus for all of our coffees is in a pursuit of sweetness and fruitiness. Coffee is a fruit, so your coffee should taste like fruit. That's our mindset anyways. There are a lot of different ideas in the world of what coffee should taste like, this is ours. 
If you want to learn more about Mad Lab Coffee please feel free to contact us! Rather that be by email, phone, or Instagram. It is always a blessing and an honor to share our story and what we stand for to strangers. After all, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet.
-Andrew Sinclair
Owner of Mad Lab Coffee