Our Story

     Mad Lab is a small crew of like minded individuals with quality, responsibility, sustainability, and creativity as our core values. From bar backs and baristas to roasters and coffee consultants, everyone apart of Mad Lab has been in the coffee business for years. At Mad Lab we love to create and in the coffee world the potential for creativity is exponential. Mad Lab begins where the same recipes, brew techniques, roast profiles, and ideas end.
     The process of Mad Lab has been an ongoing marathon from the very beginning. This journey has been filled with questions that at times were unanswerable and the biggest question was: “What kind of company are we?” In Los Angeles, there seems to be experience and knowledge of coffee everywhere, but all coffee shops we came across lacked uniqueness and individualism. We want our coffee to encourage our customers to live everyday true to who they are and and be themselves to the very core.
     We focus on creators, not just those with a large Instagram following but those who overuse their favorite pair of sunglasses, who love jazz and classical music, and do not follow trends. Those who march to the beat of their own drum and focus on what they love without any regard of what others are doing. MadLab represents creatives, those who consistently push themselves to progress in their craft and make an impact in society. MadLab Coffee represents a community for those labeled as misfits. For those filled with dreams that others say are out of range and extreme. We are a community of people filled with madness and longing for change. In our life we choose to experiment with what seems impossible and bring visions to life, we are mad scientists. This is why we go by MadLab.
     We want to create new ways for enjoying coffee and innovative processes that enhance the beverage that has served as a catalyst for sleepless nights and for restless souls. Here at MadLab we believe in inspiring and being inspired, to quench the thirst of the cornerstones and trend setters. We exist for those seen as "mad" and for those unafraid of standing out.
     We create unimaginable coffee for those that create the unimaginable. We encourage others to be who they are and through this we are going to change the way the world sees coffee. Through our imagination, research, development, trials and errors, success, and passion, we want to inspire you to pour it into your various creations. Please experiment without caution and we know you will taste the difference.