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Colombia "Café 1959" El Danubio José Giraldo
Colombia "Café 1959" El Danubio José Giraldo
Colombia "Café 1959" El Danubio José Giraldo

Colombia "Café 1959" El Danubio José Giraldo

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Variety Caturra

Altitude 1,480 meters

Process Natural (Anaerobic)

Fermentation 42-hour dry Anaerobic fermentation at a controlled temperature of below 20 degrees Celsius. The coffee is then selected five times to ensure that only the perfect cherries get processed. The fruit then has 40 hours "pre-drying" at a controlled temperature of 35 degrees Celsius and is then slowly sun-dried on raised African beds for 35 days. 

Harvest 2021

Tasting Notes Zifandel, Apple Cider, Lapins Cherries, Effervescent

José Giraldo of Café 1959 is a young 3rd generation coffee farmer who is extremely passionate about bringing science, technology and coffee together to produce high quality specialty coffee.

Café 1959 has not always been producing specialty coffee. In fact, José and his family have only been producing specialty coffee for the last 6 years. In this time, thanks to technology, science and perseverance, José and his family are now exporting their award winning coffee around the world.

José is constantly experimenting with new processes and collaborates with fellow coffee farmers where they share processing methods and farming practices to not only produce better coffee himself but so that his friends and neighbors do too. Swapping information in any part of the coffee chain leads to innovation, connection and better quality coffee.

This coffee is explosive with fermenty goodness! If you don't enjoy fermenty coffee's we'd definitely recommend you not buy this coffee. But if you enjoy trying new things, trying something rich in sparkliness and tartness, we'd definitely recommend buying this coffee. At Mad Lab Coffee we believe funky is good. If you are like us and enjoy the funk, we recommend you try this funk. When we first cupped this coffee we knew it had a life force of its own, and you can definitely taste it. This coffee is definitely a new experience and its one of our current favorites!