Dolly Blend

Dolly Blend

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Variety Heirloom

Altitude 2000 m

Process Natural

Harvest Year-Round

Tasting Notes Elderberry, Blenheim Apricots, Lilac, Flabbergasting 

Named after the cloned sheep, the Dolly Blend was a happy mistake. The Dolly is actually/technically/kind've a single origin blend? Let me explain. When we took our Ethiopia Chire on its first rounds of profiling behind our roaster we discovered something really interesting. When this particular coffee was developed on the lighter side it yielded a very bright and sweet mouthfeel with soft apricot and lilac characteristics. When this coffee was developed on the heavier side it yielded a thick but punchy dark fruit characteristic. So we combined them. The Dolly is a dual profiled single-origin blend. This has been a favorite amongst our coffee shop partners looking for the complexities of blends but needing consistency in performance behind the bar. This is a blend that tastes great and tastes consistent behind the bar, and at the house.