Doc Brown Blend

Doc Brown Blend

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Variety Caturra/Heirloom

Altitude 2000-2150 meters

Process Natural/Washed

Harvest Year-Round

Tasting Notes Chocolate, Marshmallow Fluff, Fig Jam, Future, Charisma

Our tried and trusted blend. The coffees for this blend are developed 5% above our standard profiles for added texture and viscosity as espresso. A velvet mouthfeel is what we design this coffee to accomplish. For this current rendition of Doc. Brown, we're using 50% of our Colombia San Sebastian Inza and 50% of our Ethiopia Chire Natural. The complexity but consistency in taste in this blend is what has made it special and unique. With the marriage of both a washed and natural processed coffee, this will be sure to give you the best of both worlds as well as take you on an adventure.